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Yves Batoba

Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Founder | Husband

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About Yves Batoba

Yves Batoba was born in Zaire, a country that no longer exists (kinda)! As a result of a dangerous war, his family fled the country and eventually moved to to Texas, where the locals believe that they are their own country.


Growing up in Texas, he fell in love with the sport of football and went on to play at the collegiate level. His love for sports and human development led to an exciting career in college athletics and to the National Football League where his focus has always been to empower athletes to reach their full potential.

If he isn't spending time with his wife Dawn, or his friends, you can find him working out, listening to his diverse music collection, or explaining to people why his name is pronounced "Eve."

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Living an American Life with African Perspectives

After barely making it out of the Congo War alive and experiencing South Africa right after apartheid, Yves and his family fled their homeland and moved to the United States. This book explores the journey of navigating through all aspects of American culture while fighting to hold on to a foreign identity. IMMIGRANT AMERICAN: Living an American Life with African Perspectives touches on the following topics:

  • Losing and Restoring Identity

  • Integrating Into Sports

  • Unlocking Career Opportunities

  • Facing Discrimination and Racism

  • Wrestling with Religion

  • Rethinking Education

  • Cultivating Authentic Relationships

  • Discovering Purpose

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